Newsletter / Jan – Mar 2022


Sunday, January 16th at 2:30 PM
Sunday, February 20st at 2:30 PM
Sunday, March 20st at 2:30 PM
Location: Corey Church of Nazarene,
10056 Water St., Three Rivers, MI.


Our meetings will be canceled if, on that day, the State or County closes roads due to weather conditions. Club officers have the option to cancel a meeting due to bad weather even if the roads aren’t officially closed. If you have questions as to whether road conditions have canceled a meeting, call Matt Avery, 269-506-9926 or Thomas Stears, 269-340-2323.


A big “THANKS” to our outgoing officers, Tim Rossman, David Machan, Maxine Baumeister and Terry Baker and we welcome our new officers, Matt Avery, Thomas Stears, Theresa Allen and Doug Reed.

Maxine Baumeister decided not to run for recording secretary for 2022. She has held that office for 20 years and done an excellent job. When asked a question she was always able to find it in her minutes even if it happened years before. A big “THANKS” for those 20 years! Maxine has worn many other hats in the club, also. Maxine, we look forward to seeing you at the meetings.


I, Matt Avery, would just like to take the opportunity to introduce myself to all of our members. I’m from the Three Rivers Michigan area and have lived in the area for most of my life. I have a wife named Regan Avery and a daughter, Brianna Avery. I’m the assistant shop manager for the St. Joe County Road Commission and also enjoy helping out my neighbor, Phil Dufour. I have a passion for anything mechanical especially older equipment and automotive related. I’m looking forward to serving the club as the President and hope that, with everyone’s cooperation, we will be able to make it a place that enthusiasts both young and old can enjoy for years to come.


Dues are $1.00 for children 17 years and under and $10.00 for all others. We operate on a calendar year basis for dues. They can be paid by mail or at meetings. If we haven’t received your dues for 2022 by April 1st you will not receive future newsletters. You must be a paid up member to vote. Officers/Board members must have dues paid by or at the first meeting of a new year. To pay dues by mail, make your check payable to St. Joe Valley Old Engine Association and mail it to Judy Hollister, 3220 Detroit Rd., Niles, Mi. 49120. She will mail you membership cards.

Whoever is in charge of the garden tractors, please let Judy Hollister know the feature for 2022. If you have a list of features for future years, please let her know.

Let’s look forward to 2022 with optimism and ambition to make improvements to the show grounds and whatever it takes to have a great swap meet and show.

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